About Us

Amithii (Unique in Sanskrit), Being Your Self.

“This is the beauty and the glory of existence. This is a blessing, that nobody like you has ever existed and will ever exist again. You are simply unique.

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”
Deepak Chopra

I am Sindhu the founder of Amithii, being part of a photographer’s family I was inclined to photography right from my childhood days. Fashion designing was my base study and was heading the creative team on various IT projects for more than a decade.

After a lot of creative churning I have decided to start my unique exploration into creative photography, that's how Amithii was born.

Having started with lifestyle photography the scope of Amithii got extended to Ad films, Documentary, Corporate film, Wedding and Capturing toddlers.

Travel is one of my passion, meeting new people hearing their stories always excites and inspires me. I have found the same excitement in creating a brand story through visual media. Each and every assignment is an Unique experience, be it capturing a lifestyle of an individual or working for a brand.

Highly skilled professionals like camera men, editors, music directors, art directors, scriptwriters,voiceover artists  join me if the project requires.

We are specialised in Ad Films, Corporate, Lifestyle, Wedding, Kids, New Born, Maternity, Products, Events, Thematic Photography, Video Films and Documentary shoots.